Mission to MOLA

As I creep towards decrepitude (I'm nearly 56!) I look back at at fabulous 40 year professional life as a bass player, and I have seen some amazing places and met some incredible people, including being privileged to meet and shake hands with Ella Fitzgerald.

Since 2005 I have been in a "day job" as well, as Performance Librarian at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly known as the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) where I manage all performance material and advise on copyright and associated institutions (PRS, PPL) as well as doing lots of gigs at night.

Right now, I'm pretty excited as I've flown out to New Orleans for the MOLA (Major Orchestra Librarian's Association) Conference which is happening over the weekend of 11-14th May.

It is great to get the chance to meet people doing the same job as me, as there is normally only one in any institution, so one tends to be a bit "out on a limb"! At the conference there will be many interesting sessions, on new media licensing and Latin American orchestral music, to name but two. Also as part of the agenda, I have the chance to attend various concerts taking place in the city, and one that I dare not miss is the New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra - a name to be reckoned with!

I shall be doing a daily update to this blog whilst in the USA, and let you know all of the news and events as they happen. This will include any gigs I attend, especially if I get some good traditional Dixie Jazz.

The fun started when I flew into Louis Armstrong International Airport - as the great man himself said often, "and that's Jazz!"

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day three and happy Mothers Day from the USA

Hello again - this may be my only post today as tonight we have our banquet at Dickie Brennan's Palace Cafe, which is just along from the hotel...... And I missed out on jazz last night as I was too tired (what? Not like me - I must be getting old!) so I hope to make up for it tonight. I did hear some good stuff earlier though (see below). Here's a round up of the day's goings on thus far........ I got an early start to the day after a good long sleep and was out walking in the French Quarter by just after 8:30 (I hope my sister and brother don't pass out with shock!). At that time of day, especially on a Sunday, all was very quiet and peaceful. St Louis Cathedral (in Jackson Square) was bathed in early morning light and there was quite a view across the Mississippi as well.

By the way, apologies for no pictures on Flickr yet, but I can't find a way to get the from camera to web, so will do that when I get home. I was back at the hotel in time for the first session of the day which was all about new (critical/ urtext etc) editions in printed music. The speakers were not only informative but quite amusing as well. That was followed by break out sessions and I opted on the Sibelius users group. I don't consider myself in any way shape or form much more than a competent novice, so all tricks of the trade are greatly appreciated.

Lunch followed that and I went back into the "FQ" (hey I have been here for 3 days!) and to my joy there was a band or act of some kind on almost every street corner ...... some wicked trombone playing!! I

had to drag myself back for the big session of the afternoon on Latin-American orchestral music, but it was well worth it, and gems were uncovered with more to come I hope, from new contacts made. After that, it was the taking of the group photograph, and the fellow taking the photo, well if his picture is as good as his humour, it'll be a good 'un!

The day's learning came towards an end with and overview of more than 200 years of opera in New Orleans. Very interesting and when the chap was talking about circa 1876, I resisted the temptation to say that was the year that Boris the Bass was "born" (okay, made.....). Then finally for the day was a session called "From scanner to stand" - amazing stuff to do with creating clean fresh parts after editing is completed. And SuzieCreemCheeze, my brain is "hinging oan" to all the new info just now, but I do have a fair dose of writers cramp........ So I'll say ta-ta for now, and cheers - I'll raise a glass later.

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  1. I'm glad you're getting to hear some great live music at last. It hadn't been mentioned much and I thought you may be getting too much brain fodder!! We shall enjoy seeing all the photos when you get home. I did wonder why you were so late getting up, then I realised you meant 8.30 in the morning. Well, smack my gob!! 8-) Look forward to the next instalment. Sx


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